S.No Subject Circular No. Circular Date
1. Revised guidelines on emoluments and other conditions of service for Research/Project scientists ('B', 'C', and 'D' only)/ Research Associates/Research Fellows engaged in various Projects/Programmes of Ministry of earth Sciences and its Attached and Subordinate offices and Autonomous institutions.[PDF]621.57 KB MoES/25/07/2011-Est.[PDF]621.57 KB 30/04/2013[PDF]621.57 KB
2. Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee on 'Sexual Harassment' in the Ministry of Earth Sciences to redress complaints of Sexual Harassment of women working employees[PDF]1.16 MB MoES/19/17/2013-Estt.[PDF]1.16 MB 20/12/2016[PDF]1.16 MB
3. Constitution of Placement Committees to consider transfer/posting.[PDF]1.72 MB MoES/25/04/2014-Estt.[PDF]1.72 MB 17/07/2014[PDF]1.72 MB
4. The Gazette on "Prithvi Vigyan Maulik Pustak Lekhan Yojna".[PDF]5.35 MB MoES/1/32/2014-Estt.[PDF]5.35 MB 21/01/2016[PDF]5.35 MB
5. The Hon'ble Tribunal Decision Dated 28.04.2016 on Benefit[PDF]7.63 MB No./22034/04/2013-Estt.(D)[PDF]7.63 MB 17/05/2016[PDF]7.63 MB
6. Appointment of two Independent External Monitors (IEMs)[PDF]1.59 MB MoES/20/06/2016-Estt.(D)[PDF]1.59 MB 06/12/2016[PDF]1.59 MB
7. Uploading of Gazette Notification on the Website of MoES regarding Aadhaar[PDF]1.31 MB   04/08/2017[PDF]1.31 MB
8. Engagement of Retired Central Government Officers at Section Officer Level[PDF]1.05 MB MoES/18/01/2013-Estt.(Vol.IV)[PDF]1.05 MB 11/10/2017[PDF]1.05 MB
9. Constitution of placement committees to consider transfer/posting in respect of officers of Ministry (Proper) and Attached/Subordinate/Autonomous organizations under Ministry of Earth Sciences[PDF]753.71 KB MoES/25/04/2014-Estt.[PDF]753.71 KB 24/01/2018[PDF]753.71 KB


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