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Bilateral Collaboration between ESSO-MoES and RCN

Call for joint research proposals in the fields of Geohazards and Climate System in Polar

ESSO-[MoES] , India through a cluster of organizations under its umbrella, conducts research in the various fields of earth system science and translate the same into societal benefit. In order to undertake research in frontier areas having larger societal relevance like monsoon research and climate change, earthquake hazards, polar research and various other fields of Earth System Science which have a direct socio-economic impact on society, ESSO-MoES regularly engages with various international organizations for collaborative research activities which are mutually beneficial.

Research Council of Norway (RCN), Norway is a national strategic and funding agency for research activities and a chief source of advice on and input into research policy for the Norwegian Government, the central government administration and the overall research community. The Council is responsible for enhancing Norway's knowledge base and for promoting basic and applied research and innovation in order to help meet research needs within society. The Research Council also works actively to encourage international research cooperation. The Research Council serves as an advisory body on research policy issues, identifies research needs, recommends national priorities and translates national research policy objectives into action.

In view of the common areas of interest between ESSO-MoES and RCN, two joint MoES-RCN workshops in the field of Polar-research and geo-hazards were organized at MoES during 2013-2014. These workshops served as an enabling platform to identify mutual areas of interest in the field of Earth Sciences and to plan out joint research activities through joint calls. The identified areas for research included (i) Fjord oceanography (ii) Polar regions and the Asian monsoon inter-connections, (ii) Role of Antarctic Shelf Ice in the climate system (iii) Glaciology (iii) Atmospheric aerosols (iv) seismic hazards (iii) crustal deformation of Stable Continental Regions, etc.

In order to enable the two countries to carry out joint collaborative work in the identified areas, ESSO-MoES and RCN have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of Earth System Sciences, on 14th October 2014 during the VVIP visit of President of India to Oslo. The MoU is initially valid for five years and will invite proposals from Indian and Norwegian PIs for joint collaborative work.

Presently the call is being invited for joint research proposals in the fields of Geohazards and Climate System in Polar Regions.

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