Brief on Extramural Support


All projects in the subject area mentioned below can be submitted for funding from Ministry of Earth Sciences in the prescribed format .

The various subject areas for funding are

  1. Atmospheric Science
    • Basic monsoon research
    • Monsoon variability and prediction
    • Short range forecasting
    • Mesoscale systems and prediction
    • Climate variability and change
    • Climate modeling, climate services
  2. Earth System Science Technology
  3. Geoscience
  4. Hydrology & Cryosphere
  5. Ocean Science & Resources
    • Ocean observations
    • Ocean modelling
    • Ocean services
    • Coastal zone management
    • Marine ecology
    • Marine biogeochemistry
    • Marine biotechnology
  6. Seismology and Earthquake precursors
    • Seismological studies
    • Geodynamics of Himalayan region
    •  Seismic hazard assessment
    • GPS based geodetic studies
    • Collateral geophysical studies
    • Earthquake precursory studies
    • Geotechnical investigations and site response studies
    • Active Faults/ neotectonics
    • Palaeoseismological studies
    • Earthquake engineering related studies
    • Damage scenario

Three hard copies of the proposals along with an undertaking from the Principal Investigator and a certificate from The Head of the Institution in the prescribed format  may be submitted at the following address :


(Name of the Officer as per subject area of the project as  mentioned below)
Ministry of Earth Sciences
Prithvi Bhavan, Opp. India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003, India


Details of PAMC / APEX Committee
Subject AreaPAMC
Atmospheric ScienceConstitution of Project Appraisal and Monitoring Committee- Atmospheric Sciencs, Dated:21st September 2016
Earth System Science TechnologyReconstitution of Project Appraisal and Monitoring Committees of TRB of MoES for information,Dated:15th November 2016
GeoscienceReconstitution of Project Appraisal and Monitoring Committee on Geosciencs, Dated:02/11/2016
Hydrology & CryosphereConstitution of Project Appraisal and Monitoring Committee-Hydrology and Cryosphere, Dated:21st November 2016
Ocean Science & ResourcesRe-constitution of Project Appraisal and Monitoring Committee(PAMC)for Ocean Science and Services, Dated-27th October 2016   
Seismology and Earthquake PrecursorsConstitution of Programme Advisory and Monitoring Committe (PAMC)-Seismology and Earthquake Precursors Programme,7th November 2016   
Re-Constitution of Apex Committee
(The Subject Area of the project should clearly be mentioned on the envelop)
Subject AreaName of the Officers
Atmospheric ScienceSh. Gopal R Iyengar
Programme Head, PAMC (Atmospheric Science),
Earth System Science TechnologyDr. M.P. Wakdikar
Programme Head, TRB (ESS)
GeoscienceSh. Gopal R Iyengar
Programme Head, PAMC (Geoscience)
Hydrology & CryosphereSh. Gopal R Iyengar
Programme Head, PAMC (Hydrology & Crysophere)
Ocean Science & ResourcesCdr. P K Srivastava
Programme Head , PAMC (Ocean Science & Resources)
Seismology and Earthquake PrecursorsDr. Arun K Gupta
Programme Officer,(Seismology and Earthquake Precursors)

In addition, a soft copy is required to be sent to the following email address as per the subject area:

Email Details
Subject AreaEmail Address
Atmospheric Sciencerdeas[dot]as1[at]moes[dot]gov[dot]in
Earth System Science Technologyrdeas[dot]trb[at]moes[dot]gov[dot]in
Hydrology & Cryosphererdeas[dot]crhy[at]moes[dot]gov[dot]in
Ocean Science & Resourcesirdos[at]moes[dot]gov[dot]in
Seismology and Earthquake Precursorsgupta[dot]arun[at]nic[dot]in

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