Citizen Charter & Commitments


Citizen's Charter (2013-14)

Our Commitments
S.No. Our Services and Transactions How we measure our performance in this area Our Service Standard
1 Weather monitoring, forecasts and warnings Weather forecast and warning to General Public and Meteorological support for Pilgrimage, tourism, mountain expedition, sports, etc. 06 Hrs
Agro-meteorological advisories at district level 05 Days
Meteorological support for Civil Aviation 30 Mins.
Rainfall Monitoring 1 Day
2 Ocean Forecast Fishing advisory 24 hrs
Ocean State Forecast for General Public, Fishing, Industry and Defense/Security/Researchers 6 hrs
3 Early warning of natural hazards Tsunami Bulletin 10 mins.
Earthquake Bulletin (after) 10 mins.
Cyclone Warning Bulletin 3 hrs
4 Processing of Proposals of holding of Seminars/ Symposia Approval of Seminars/ Symposia proposals 2 Months
5 Processing of extra-mural proposals Processing of proposals from Scientists/ Scientific institutions 6 Months
6 Payment to Vendors Payment to vendors on submission of bills 4 weeks
7 Processing of requests for filling of scientific positions received from various centers Timely processing of proposals received from various centers 4 Months
8 Grievance Redressal Timely redressal of grievances  
  1. Acknowledgement
7 days
    (b)  Final Response 60 days
9 Release of funds to centers of the Ministry Timely Processing of proposals received 60 days


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