Citizen Charter & Commitments


Citizen's Charter (2019-20)

Our Commitments
S.No.Our Services and TransactionsHow we measure our performance in this areaOur Service Standard
1Weather monitoring, forecasts and warningsWeather forecast and warning to General Public and Meteorological support for Pilgrimage, tourism, mountain expedition, sports, etc.06 Hrs
Agro-meteorological advisories at district level05 Days
Meteorological support for Civil Aviation30 Mins.
Rainfall Monitoring1 Day
2Ocean ForecastFishing advisory24 hrs
Ocean State Forecast for General Public, Fishing, Industry and Defense/Security/Researchers6 hrs
3Early warning of natural hazardsTsunami Bulletin10 mins.
Earthquake Bulletin (after)10 mins.
Cyclone Warning Bulletin3 hrs
4Processing of Proposals of holding of Seminars/ SymposiaApproval of Seminars/ Symposia proposals2 Months
5Processing of extra-mural proposalsProcessing of proposals from Scientists/ Scientific institutions6 Months
6Payment to VendorsPayment to vendors on submission of bills4 weeks
7Processing of requests for filling of scientific positions received from various centersTimely processing of proposals received from various centers4 Months
8Grievance RedressalTimely redressal of grievances 
  1. Acknowledgement
7 days
  (b)  Final Response60 days
9Release of funds to centers of the MinistryTimely Processing of proposals received60 days
10Implementation of RTI Act , 2005Timely disposal of applications and appeal under RTI Act, 2005 
  1.Acknowledgement of application1 day
  2.Disposal of RTI application and appealAs per RTI Act


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