National Facility

National Facility
S.NO. Title Name of the facility DatePI Name Institute Name Sanction with Date &  Amount Duration Status Abstract
1 Physical Properties of Element Solids, their Compounds and Oxides, and mineral phases at extreme conditions of Pressure and Temprature : an Experimental and theoritical Study Laser Diamond Anvil Cell at IISER Kolkata Prof. Goutam Dev Mukherjee IISER Kolkata, West Bengal MoES/16/25/10-RDEAS 21 st June 2011
Rs. 600.154 lakhs
5 Years On-going  
2 Palaeo fluids in the petroliferous basins of western offshore Laser Raman Spectrometer at Center for Earth Science Studies Dr. V. Nandakumar Center for Earth Science Studies, Trivandrum MoES/16/22/10-RDEAS 20 th October, 2011
Rs.265.67 lakhs
3 Years Completed Now it is part of NCESS programme Abstract
3 Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Measurement Facility for 14C Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Measurement facility for 14C Dr. Sundeep Chopra Inter-University Accelerator (IUAC) MoES/16/07/11-RDEAS 6th March 2012
Rs. 1669.5 lakhs
3 Years Completed Abstract


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