Ocean Observation Systems

Ocean observing system has a central role to deliver the ocean services to the society. The data from observing systems is also necessary for assimilation in ocean general circulation models. Ocean observations also facilitate fundamental research on

  1. determining the role of ocean on climate and climate change’
  2. quantifying the exchange of heat, water, momentum and gases between the ocean and atmosphere;
  3. determining the cycling of carbon in the oceans and the role of the oceans in moderating the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide;
  4. in improving the ocean general circulation and mixed layer models;
  5. understanding the patterns and controls on biological diversity in the oceans;
  6. determining the origin, development and impact of episodic coastal events such as harmful algal blooms;
  7. assessing the health of the coastal ocean; and
  8. determining the nature and extent of microbial life in the deep crustal biosphere.
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