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Project under Hydrology & Cryosphere
S.NO.TitlePI NameInstitute NameSanction with DateDurationStatusMajor Equipments
1L-moments Based Regional extreme Rainfall and flood frequency Analysis for Hydrometerological Sub zones 2(b) and 2(c) of India.Dr . Parthasarathi Choudhary

Civil Engg, NIT Silchar,



26th April, 2010

3 YearsCompleted 
2Quantification of physical and chemical flux of discharging groundwater to sea in coastal areas of the Bay of BengalDr. Abhijit MukherjeeDept. of Geology and Geophysics, IIT, KharagpurMoES/PAMC/H&C/23/2013-PC-II dated 03rd March 20143 YearsCompleted


1.Field multiprobe meter for water testing 2. Data logger 3. Trace Element Analyzer (Anodic Stripping Voltametry System)

3Assessing the impacts of climate and land cover changes on hydrologyProf. Shakil A RomshooUniversity of Kashmir


20th October , 2011

3 YearsCompleted
4Modelling of soil moisture in a changing climate using the potential of probabilistic hydro-meteorological approachDr. Rajib MaityDepatment of Civil Engineering, IIT, KharagpurMoES/PAMC/H&C/30/2013-PC-II 29th August, 20144 YearsCompleted


5Establishing the reference condition on the Ganga River with Corona archival imageryDr. Rajiv SinhaDepatment of Civil Engineering, IIT, KanpurMoES/PAMC/H&C/37/2013-PC-II 23rd July, 201418 MonthsCompleted

Abstract \


6Seasonal Hydrologic Predictions based on Regional Forecasts of Monsoon Rainfall with CWRF and Statistical DownscalingDr. Subimal GhoshDeptt. of Civil Engineering, IIT, BombayMoES/PAMC/H&C/35/2013-PC-II 25 September 20143 YearsCompleted

Abstract \

Workstations Computational Support

7Near-Real-Time Urban Flood Forecasting SystemDr. Subhankar KarmakarCentre for Environmental Science and Engineering, IIT, BombayMoES/PAMC/H&C/36/2013-PC-II 25 September 20143 YearsCompleted

Abstract \

MIKE FLOOD (including basin module) software Workstation PC

8Assessment of Environmental Flows for Himalayan RiversDr Sharad JainNational Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee.MoES/PAMC/H&C/38/2013-PC-II 25 September 20141 YearsCompleted

Abstract \

9Isotope techniques to evaluate the seasonal and inter-annual variation of glacial and snowmelt discharge in the Ganges River at Gomukh and ManaDr Indra Sekhar SenDepartment of Earth Sciences, IIT Kanpur.MoES/PAMC/H&C/47/2013-PC-II 25 September 201418 MonthsCompleted

Abstract \

10Resistance characteristics of alluvial channel with mobile bed vegetationDr. Bimlesh KumarDept. of Civil Engineering, IIT, Guwahati.MoES/PAMC/H&C/26/2013-PC-II 1 December 20142 YearsCompleted

Abstract \

11Estimation of glacier mass balance, glacier dynamics and surface flow using UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in Baspa Basin, Himachal PradeshDr. Rajesh KumarDept. of Environmental Science, School of Basic Sciences & Research, Sharda University, Knowledge Park – III, Greater Noida


29 March 2016
3 YearsCompleted

i). Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with inbuilt high resolution camera and GPS

ii). Laptop



A scoping proposal to build a two dimensional ice-flow model for basin-scale

glacier simulation in the Himalaya
Dr. Argha BanerjeeIndian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune, 411008


25 October 2016
2 YearsCompleted

i). One Desktop


13Establishing a Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) in the Ganga Basin Dr. Debajyoti PaulIIT-Kanpur, Kanpur


20th November, 2015
3 yearsCompleted

Abstract \

(i) Automatic weather gauges

(ii) Net radiometer

(iii) Hydra Probe

(iv) TDR probe

(v) Flow measuring stations

(vi) Leaf Area Index

(vii) Soil heat flux plates

14Measurements and Modeling of Evapotranspiration and other Hydrological Processes in Lesser Himalayas Dr. Manish Kumar NemaNational Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee


14th December, 2015

3 yearsOn-going


(i) Micro-meteorological monitoring system

(ii) Soil Monitoring Station
15A 100 ka Glaciation - deglaciation history of Ladakh : its comparison with sutluj valley and signatures in the alluvial plains of NW IndiaDr. Naresh Chandra PantUniversity of Delhi, Delhi


27th March, 2017
3 yearsOn-going

Abstract \

(i) Benchtop SEM
16Development of remote sensing based method for the rapid reconstruction of time series of formative water discharges of the Ganga and Bramaputra rivers in the Himalayan forelandDr. Gaurav KumarIndian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal


31st October, 2017
2 yearsOn-going


(i) Echo Sounder

(ii) Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter

(iii) Workstation

17Study of solute transport parameters through porous mediumDr. Deepak Swami

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, Himachal Pradesh


28th March, 2018
3 years On-going


(i) Conductivity sensors

(ii) Data Logger

18Advanced Research in Hydrology and Knowledge Dissemination                       Prof. Pradeep P. MujumdarIndian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore


28th March, 2018
5 years On-going


(i) Computer Software Network

19Groundwater security of Indus basin (Ladakh) in present and future climate and land use scenarios

Prof. Gh Jeelani

University of Kashmir, Srinagar


03rd April, 2018
3 yearsOn-going


(i) Ion Chromatograph

20Impact of LU/LC and catchment characteristics on Runoff and Groundwater Dynamics of Western Ghats, KarnatakaDr. Bekal Kunkangar Purandara

National Institute of Hydrology, Hard Rock Regional Center, Belgaum


05th June, 2018
3 yearsOn-going


(i) Automatic Weather Station

(ii) DWLRs / AWLR

(iii) Soil moisture Sensors

(iv) Piezometers

(v) Infitrometers
21Improved description of the water cycle in the Upper Ganga Catchment using isotopic, geochemical data and model simulations Dr. Indra Sekhar SenIIT-Kanpur, Kanpur


27th September, 2018
3 yearsOn-going


(i) Ion Chromatography

(ii) Workstation


Reclamation of wastewater for Water Reuse and Water Security through Sustainable Water Resource Management


Dr. R.K. Srivastava

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture of Technology, Uttarakhand



18th  February 2019

3 years





Resilience of Groundwater Physico-Chemical Evolution in River Ganga deltaic aquifers to changing Hydrologic regime

Dr. Abhijit Mukherjee


IIT, Kharagpur




24th July 2019

3 years



(i) Multi-parameter sensor with logger


(ii) RAD& Radon Detector


Real-Time discharge estimation using non-contact hydrometric measurements

Dr. Manoj Kumar Jain


IIT, Roorkee



25th July 2019

3 years



(i) Non-contact Laser Flow Velocity sensor


(ii) Laptop


Estimating Mass balance of glaciers in the Bhaga Basin, Western Himalaya using GPR and Remote Sensing methods

Dr. A.L. Ramanathan


New Delhi



25th July 2019

3 years





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