Vision & Mission of the Ministry

Vision for 2030


To excel as knowledge and technology enterprise in the earth system science realm towards socio-economic benefit of the society.


To conduct scientific and technical activities related to Earth System Science for improving forecasting of weather, monsoon, climate and hazards, exploration of polar regions, seas around India and develop technology for exploration and exploitation of ocean resources (living and non-living), ensuring their sustainable utilization.


  1. The augment and sustain long term observations of atmosphere,ocean,cryosphere and solid earth to record the vital signs of Earth System and changes.
  2. To develop forecasting capability of atmosphere and oceanic phenomena through dynamical models and assimilation techniques and to
    build prediction system for weather climate and hazards.
  3. To understand interaction between components of Earth Systems and human systems at various spatial and temporal scales.
  4. Exploration of polar and high seas regions for discovery of new phenomenon and resources.
  5. To translate knowledge and insight themes gained into services for societal, environmental and economic


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