Coastal circulation and Sediment Transport modelling along Indian Coast


The coastline is subjected to several geo-morphological changes due to natural processes and manmade activities. Shoreline changes are one of the serious problems in several pockets along the Indian coast. Understanding the coastal circulation shoreline changes is essential in order to sustain it for future generations. The shoreline retreat leads to the loss of the beach and consequently to a setback of the coastline that threatens the coastal communities. The major information that is required to understand the shoreline changes is coastal circulation and sediment transport pattern. Therefore, during the 12th plan a comprehensive programme in this regard will be taken up.

a) Objective

To understand the Coastal circulation and sediment transport processes in Coastal Waters to provide the seasonal pattern of sediment transport at priority areas to facilitate assessment of shoreline changes Tasks involved

  • Assessment of Shoreline Changes using satellite data & Field verifications of maps to generate shoreline changes maps
  • Setting of Regional Coastal Circulation model for 3-4 regions along Indian coast using data collected from other programmes of MoES and limited observation programmes
  • Sediment transport modeling using Secondary data & Littoral Environment Observations and estimation of sediment transport rate cell wise /region wise

Mode of implementation

The component on Shoreline Changes which is mainly focus on the Modelling and GIS application with statistical analysis will be implemented by NCCR at national level. The component on data collection, numerical modeling and sediment budget computations for regional scale will be implemented jointly by NCCR , and NIOT. A common Project Document shall be prepared indicating the division of work among the above institutions. and these details also reflected in section 3.8.6. Deliverables

  1. A GIS based database shoreline change maps at 1:25000 for entire country and 1:5000 scale for selected locations and mapping Annual/periodical Shoreline changes
  2. Understanding coastal circulation and process influencing the sediment transport
  3. Location wise information on direction of sediment movement and estimation of sediment budget seasonally
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