Drugs from Sea


The programme is being implemented since 1990 under the leadership of Central Drugs Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow. There are 14 different National/State R&D labs including Universities are actively participating.

a) Objectives

  1. Bio-prospecting of marine organisms occurring in Indian waters
  2. Drugs discovery
  3. Drug development with state-of-the-art facilities proposed during the XII Plan Period.

b) Participating Institutions

  1. Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow
  2. National Institute of Oceanography, (NIO), Goa
  3. Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI), Bhavnagar
  4. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad
  5. Institute for Minerals and Materials Technology (IIMT), Bhubaneswar
  6. National Institute of Ocean Technology, (NIOT), Chennai
  7. Advanced Centre for Treatment, Education and Research (ACTREC), Mumbai
  8. Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Mumbai
  9. Department of Fisheries, Government of West Bengal, Kolkata
  10. Toppiwala National Medical College, Mumbai.
  11. Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
  12. Calcutta University, Kolkata
  13. Annamalai University, Parangipettai
  14. University of Madras, Chennai.
  15. Central Marine Living Resources & Ecology, Kochi

c) Implementation Plan

In the light of the foregoing, the programme is proposed for continuation into the next five years during XII Five Year Plan period i.e., 2012-17, undertaking the exploration, identification, extraction, bio-evaluation, re-combinatorial chemical analysis, synthesis of active compounds up to product development with the participation of pharmaceutical industries concerned and work in mission-mode. It is proposed to establish a “Centre of Excellence on Drugs from Sea” at CMLRE, Kochi during the XII Plan period and strengthen the infrastructure facilities at NIOT, Chennai including manned submersibles and deep sea samplers, etc., so as to engage a team of experienced and dedicated scientists including taxonomists on full time in all relevant fields starting from collection of marine samples till the product development with industrial partners. In addition to the existing participating Centres, it is also proposed to induct/involve more number of institutions along with pharmaceutical industries

Exploration Work

  1. Collection of new organisms from coastal and offshore (manned submersible);
  2. Repeat collection of active samples for confirmation of activity, etc;
  3. Large scale collection of active materials for follow-up studies;
  4. Characterization and structural determination, synthesis of active materials base on patentability and commercial value/merits;
  5. Expansion and upgradation of "in-vitro" and "in-vivo" test models for biological screening will continue;
  6. Strengthening of information technology using data base and other facilities will continue; and
  7. HRD training in bioassay, chemical analysis, IPR and Benefit sharing will continue.

Conducting Clinical Trial

CDR-134-D-123     -    Anti-hyperglycemic product
CU1-002                   -   Anti-hyperlipidemic product
CDR-134-F-194      -    Anti-hyperglycemic-cum-anti-hyperlipidemic product
CDR-134-D125       -    Anti-diarrheal

In order to expedite the screening; patentability of active compounds, structural analysis, re-combinatorial chemistry and manipulation of molecules to improve its efficacies including synthesis the following activities are proposed:

Introduction of new in vitro and in vivo test systems, enzymes and cell based bio-assays and receptor binding studies which will facilitate rapid biological screening and determination of possible mechanism of action of active compounds;

Development of new models for evaluation of samples for anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties and expression/lack of expression of new proteins during healing process, molecular target based High throughput screening for various activities & learning improvement & test system to evaluate reverse transcriptase inhibition;

Establishing Centre of Excellence at CMLRE, Kochi;

Procuring a manned submersible / chartering two manned submersibles for deep sea sampling so as to initiate study the deep sea organisms occurring in more than 2 million sq km of Indian EEZ;

The microbial strains collected under “Coastal Ocean Monitoring and Prediction System (COMAPS)” to be screened for wide spectrum bioactivities, etc; and

Involving Pharmaceutical Industries for training project staff in screening, bioassay development, lead optimization, chemical synthesis, product development.

d) Deliverables:

Encouraging tests are indicative of the yield of potential drug/s at the end of the project.

e) Budget : 200 crores

(Rs. In crores)

Budget Requirement
Name of the Scheme 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 Total
Drugs from Sea 20 30 50 50 50 200


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