Early warning system for tsunami and storm surges


The tsunami on December 26, 2004 has been one of the strongest in the world and the deadliest of all time by an order of magnitude. The Indian tsunami early warning centre was operational from 15October 2007. It has now become Regional Tsunami Service Provider (RTSP), and will provide advisories to the Indian Ocean Rim countries.

a) Objectives:

  1. Detect, locate, and determine the magnitude of potentially tsunamigenic earthquakes occurring in the Indian Ocean and provide timely advisories on 24x7 basis.
  2. Maintain the core observing systems (2-4 BPRs & 21 tide gauges and communication systems for data transmission)
  3. Real time tsunami modeling and inundation mapping
  4. Enhancement of DSS application & other associated elements for RTSP, etc.
  5. R & D on probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment.
  6. (vi) Development and implementation of multi hazard (storm surge) forecasting service.

b) Participating Institutions:

  1. Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, Hyderabad
  2. National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai
  3. National Centre for Coastal Research (NCCR), Chennai.

c) Implementation Plan:

INCOIS will be responsible in automatic detection of earthquakes and for issuing the tsunami warnings and also for the deployment and maintenance of tide gauges along the Indian coast. NIOT will contribute by way of deploying and maintaining the bottom pressure recorders and NCCR will provide the support in modeling.

d) Deliverables:

INCOIS will issue early warning, etc as and when required

e) Budget requirement : 100 crores

(Rs. In crores)

Budget Requirement
Name of the Scheme2012-132013-142014-152015-162016-17Total
Early warning system for tsunami and storm surges15.0020.0025.0020.0020.00100.00


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