Earthquake Hazard Assessment


As per seismic zoning of the country, over 59% of India’s land mass is under threat of moderate to severe seismic hazard, i.e. prone to shaking of MSK Intensity VII & above. Several important cities lying in seismic zone III, IV and V are vulnerable to earthquakes. EREC is mandated to provide scientific inputs for mitigating the disastrous impacts of earthquakes, and it’s prime responsibility is to extend activities in a phased manner and take up studies for other cities and coordinate future activity as a national endeavor for providing inputs for construction of earthquake resistant structures and disaster management in the event of occurrence of damaging earthquakes. The main objectives of the program are given below:

a) Objectives:

  1. To undertake earthquake hazard assessment related studies in seismically vulnerable areas in the country in a phased manner.
  2. To provide scientific inputs for mitigating the disastrous impacts of earthquakes towards reduction of earthquake risk.

b) Participating Institutions:

National Centre for Seismology, Noida

c) Implementation Plan:

It is proposed to take up Seismic Microzonation studies of about 30 cities lying in high seismic zones - III, IV & V:

  1. Collation of data pertaining to seismotectonics, geomorphology, geology and geotechnical frame work for identified cities.
  2. Generation of data for the gap areas for preparation of multi-thematic maps on available base map.
  3. Development of an earthquake scenario document for each city so as to know the consequences of an earthquake hazard.
  4. Integration of these maps and generation of useable product for earthquake hazard mitigation planning through interaction with local state governments and disaster management agencies to provide technical support for earthquake risk appraisal and creating awareness.
  5. Future planning for the exploration of microzonation on larger scale maps.

d) Deliverables:

  1. Generation of large scale hazard maps.
  2. Estimates of ground motion at specific sites to help in planning the future construction/structures.

e) Budget requirement : 105 crores

(Rs. In crores)

Budget Requirement
Name of the Scheme 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 Total
Earthquake Hazard Assessment 2.00 10.00 23.00 35.00 33.00 105.00


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