Observational Networks and Data Centre


India Meteorological Department (IMD), is maintaining the National Seismological Network (NSN) consisting of 55 observatories spread over the entire country. India Meteorological Department is also maintaining a 16-station V-SAT based digital seismic telemetry system around National Capital Territory (NCR) of Delhi and a 20-station V-SAT based real time seismic monitoring network in Northeast India for close monitoring of seismic activity in the regions. The operational task of the department is to quickly analyze the data and estimate the source parameters of earthquakes occurring on Indian land mass and those of tsunamic-potential (in India) under the sea and immediately disseminate the information, in shortest possible time, to all the user agencies including the concerned State and Central Government agencies responsible for carrying out relief and rehabilitation measures.

The data collected from all these network stations is compiled, processed, analyzed and archived systematically at the National Seismological Database Centre (NSDC) at IMD Headquarters, Lodi Road, New Delhi. The earthquake data/ information and seismicity reports are supplied to various user agencies such as, insurance companies, industrial units, river valley projects and various scientific, academic and R&D institutions in India and abroad for research purposes. Seismological data and earthquake related information is also supplied to various agencies dealing with relief and rehabilitation measures, earthquake disaster mitigation and management related matters, seismic zoning, etc. Analog charts’ are being digitized for long term preservation of seismic analog chart data in electronic form for use by research community.

a) Objectives:

  1. Monitoring of seismic activity in the country on a 24X7 basis and provide earthquake information to various user agencies in the least possible time.
  2. Generation of higher resolution seismic and geophysical data sets for better understanding of physical processes associated with earthquakes, deployment of GPS systems & borehole sensors in critical locations, field investigations relating to monitoring of aftershocks, swarms, microtremors, site response studies, etc.
  3. Systematic archival of seismic and other geophysical data sets generated by various observational networks.
  4. Raster scanning of remaining significant historical seismograms, their vector digitization and archival in electronic media.
  5. Create a modern test and maintenance facility for testing and upkeep/rectification of sophisticated equipments.

b) Participating Institutions:

  • India Meteorological Department, Delhi
  • National Centre for Seismology, Noida

c) Implementation Plan:

  1. The existing seismic observational systems and data centre facilities shall continue to be operated, maintained and suitably upgraded /augmented for round-the-clock monitoring of seismic activity in the country.
  2. Additional seismic stations shall be set up in seismically critical areas not only for improving the detection and location capabilities but also for studying seismically active areas more in detail. This activity includes continuation of ongoing schemes initiated in the XI plan.
  3. The existing observational networks shall be augmented with GPS and other geophysical systems, wherever required.
  4. Field studies shall be taken up, as per requirements, for monitoring of aftershocks, swarms, microtremors and site response studies, etc.
  5. Raster scanning and vector digitization of remaining seismic analog charts shall be continued.
  6. A modern test and maintenance laboratory shall be set up for proper upkeep and maintenance of various seismic equipments. The existing Data Centre facilities shall be suitably upgraded / augmented for systematic archival of various data sets generated.

d) Deliverables:

  1. Uninterrupted round-the-clock monitoring of seismic activity in the country, so as to provide earthquake information to various user agencies in the least possible time.
  2. Generation and systematic archival of high resolution seismological and other geophysical data for seismically critically areas in the country to facilitate R&D in seismology.

e) Budget requirement : 70 Crores

(Rs. In crores)

Budget Requirement
Name of the Scheme 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 Total
Observational Networks and Data Centre 20.00 10.00 15.00 15.00 10.00 70.00


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