Outreach Activities


In order to propagate and bring awareness about the programmes and achievements among the public, students and user communities, Earth Day was celebrated on the 22nd of April every year since 2008 across the country in 300 centres, where competitions were held amongst students of various categories and cash prizes were given. The best entries from each of the schools are further selected for national level prizes given on the Earth Sciences Foundation Day. Popular talks, society involvement in cleaning the environment, plantation, cycle rallies also formed part of Earth Day celebrations. Special publication covering Earth and environment related articles by noted scientists were published in Geography and You (English) and Bhugol Aur Aap (Hindi). Specific programmes aimed at green awareness and large scale plantation by school students were organized in Raipur district and Haridwar with co-participation of State Governments. The film “Science Safari” in regional television channels in local languages on various activities of earth system science and technology, produced by the National Geography channel was telecast many a times, besides publishing articles in popular magazines “Frontline”, “Namaskar”, “Outlook”, and “Shrishti” (in English and Hindi), “Bhugol aur Aap” in Hindi, which are being distributed to various central schools. The participation of Indian students in the International Earth Science Olympiad was supported. Indian team (4 students) bagged four bronze medals in Olympiad 2009 and one Silver Medal and three Bronze medals at the Olympiad 2010. About 500 seminar/conference/training events were supported in area of Earth system sciences to provide platform to scientists, engineers, and technologists. The beneficiaries were Indian Institute of Technology, CSIR labs, Colleges, Universities, Professional bodies, Non-Governmental and Government agencies/organizations, etc.

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