Satellite Meterology


Satellite meteorology (including aircraft-based) (Continuing):

Weather forecast is an initial value problem indicating the need for accurate initial condition that is achieved through data assimilation. As conventional data coverage is spatially and temporally limited, satellite data provides much better coverage in both space and time. About 90% of the data that goes into the assimilation of any analysis-forecast system comprise of data from satellite and rest from in situ platforms.Satellite Meteorological services involve receiving satellite data from Indian and International satellites, its processing for generation of images in all channels, derivation of operational products their archival and their real time utilization for weather forecasting. The various products include  cloud top temperature, vertical profiles of temperature, humidity, fog, sea surface temperature, atmospheric motion vectors, outgoing long-wave radiation, total precipitable water etc.

(a). Objectives:

  1. To acquire, process satellite data and generate products for operational needs as per the needs from time to time
  2. To establish a dedicated dissemination system of satellite data and products using INSAT transponders
  3. To set up a countrywide network of GPS Stations for measurement of integrated precipitable water vapour for use in nowcasting and NWP models
  4. To augment and enhance Satellite Data Centre

(b). Participating Institution:  

India Meteorological Department, New Delhi

(c). Implementation Plan:

INSAT 3D Prime ground segment with data processing capabilities would be installed. 200 GPS station level measurement of net precipitable water would be created. A state-of-the art Data Centre would be established with high bandwidth connectivity with user friendly features. A system by the name of IMETCast would be installed for dissemination of data products in broadcast mode for the benefit of remote and ship based users. Several R&D and training programs would be initiated to fully utilize an ever increasing supply of satellite data.

(d). Deliverables:

Real Time generation systems of satellite derived products with redundancy for continuous monitoring of weather systems over India and neighbouring seas

Building a dedicated satellite data broadcast infrastructure for the Indian geostationary meteorological satellites

(e). Budget requirement including foreign exchange component: ` 70 crores

(Rs. In crores)

Budget Requirement
Name of Scheme 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 Total
Satellite Meteorology 10 10 20 15 15 70.00


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