Seabed Minerals


Under Cobalt crust programme, multibeam map has been generated for the Afanasiy-Nikitin Seamounts in equatorial Indian Ocean covering an area of around 40000 sq. km for the potential Cobalt-crust resource. Reconnaissance sampling has yielded few crust samples which indicate Co-enriched crust occurrence in the northern and southern plateau region. This region is at ~3200 m water depth and covers area of ~20000 sq. km. The initial reconnaissance sampling has yielded a few crust samples containing cobalt up to 0.5 % and the average cobalt in northern region of the area surveyed is 0.65%.

Acquisition, analysis and interpretation of high-resolution geophysical data, deep CTD observations, water column, deep-tow, TV-grab and seabed sampling and the results suggest a possible source of hydrothermal vent in the vicinity due to the presence of a large plume in an area over the slow spreading Carlsberg Ridge (CR). The mapping of the rift valley and seabed sampling has been carried out.

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