Tsunami Warning System


A state-of the-art tsunami warning system was set up in October 2007 as outlined in the Prime Minister’s twenty-six thrust areas. The system comprises a network of seismic stations including international stations to compute earthquake parameters, simulated scenarios of travel time and run-up heights at 1800 coastal locations in the Indian Ocean, observing platforms for sea level variations, both in deep sea and coast, robust communication and dissemination system, data centre and decision support system. In last three years, many earthquakes larger than 7- magnitude, which can cause tsunami, did occur. In all such cases necessary advisories were provided to all concerned within 10 minutes of the occurrence of earthquake. This system is recognized as the Regional Tsunami Service Provider (RTSP) for the Indian Ocean region that provides services to the countries in the Indian Ocean.

Last Updated On 10/22/2014 - 20:21
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