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Major accomplishments
Japan Agency for Marine
Earth Science and Technology
(JAMSTEC), Japan.
MoC on mutual collaboration in
Marine and Earth Science and
November 11, 2016.
Following a joint workshop in 2018, collaborative projects of mutual interests were discussed for prediction of monsoon, understanding the biogeochemistry of the north Indian Ocean, Monsoon and Southern Ocean (including sea ice around the Antarctic) interactions, and ocean observations. The model results obtained from JAMSTEC and IITM model to understand the predictability of Indian Ocean Dipole, ENSO, Monsoon and interactions among them were exchanged between JAMSTEC and IITM for inter-model comparison. A scientist from JAMSTEC visited India.
Researchers from IITM-MoES and Application Laboratory/JAMSTEC are revising an article in which they intercompared coupled model results of both centers to understand their predictability for Indian summer monsoon rainfall. IITM is also working with JAMSTEC for adopting AI/ML tools in weather forecasting. Marine Plastics programme is being jointly discussed.
NCPOR-MoES is working with JAMSTEC to explore teleconnection between the Southern Ocean and the Indian monsoon.