The ESSO has excelled in many areas of the earth system science, especially providing services to society.  The major focus of the 12th Plan proposals has been to carry out research on discovering new phenophena, exploring unchartered areas especially sea-bed and Antarctica, understanding earth processes, and developing new services as well as improving existing services for societal, environmental and economical benefits.  Four Expert Committees on Atmospheric Science and Services, Ocean Science and Services, Cyrosphere/Geoscience, and Technology constituted in 2009 provided a long-term strategy and perspective plan.  A background document prepared on these inputs.  The Working Group set up by the Planning commission has extensively deliberated on this document along with approach to the 12th Plan suggested by Planning Commission, and recommended programmes for the 12th Plan.  These programmes have been grouped into following major schemes.

  1. Atmospheric Observation System
  2. Atmospheric Processes, Modelling and Services
  3. Climate Change Research
  4. Airborne Platforms for Atmospheric Research
  5. Ocean Observations
  6. Ocean Science and Services
  7. Ocean Survey and Mineral Resources
  8. Ocean Technology
  9. Ocean Research Vessels
  10. Polar Science and Cryosphere
  11. Seismological Research
  12. Geoscience
  13. High Performance Computing (HPC)
  14. Research,  Education, Training & Outreach, Earth Enterprise