Brief on Extramural Support

All projects in the subject area mentioned below can be submitted for funding from Ministry of Earth Sciences in the prescribed format.

The various subject areas for funding are as follows.

  1. Atmospheric Sciences
  2. Geoscience
  3. Ocean Sciences & Resources
  4. Hydrology & Cryosphere
  5. Seismology Earthquake Precursor research
  6. Earth System Science Technology
  7. Outreach & Awareness
Details of PAMC/APEX Committee
Subject Area PAMC
Atmospheric Science OM for constitution of PAMC-Atmospheric Sciences
Geoscience OM for constitution of PAMC-Geosciences
Ocean Sciences & Resources OM for constitution of PAMC-Ocean Sciences & Resources
Hydrology & Cryosphere OM for constitution of PAMC- Hydrology & Cryosphere
Seismology Earthquake Precursor research OM for constitution of PAMC- Seismology Earthquake Precursor research
Earth System Science Technology OM for constitution of PAMC- Earth System Science Technology
Apex Committee OM re-constitution of Apex Committee
Technology Research Board (TRB) OM re-constitution of TRB

Three hard copies of the proposals along with an undertaking from the Principal Investigator and a certificate from the Head of the Institution in the prescribed format may be submitted at the following address.


(Name of the Officer as per subject area of the project as mentioned below)
Ministry of Earth Sciences
Prithvi Bhavan, Lodhi Road
Opposite India Habitat Centre
New Delhi 110003


Subject area of the project should clearly be mentioned on the envelop
Subject Area Name of the Program Officer for correspondence Programme Head
Atmospheric Science Dr Mahesh Kumar
PAMC-Atmospheric Sciences

Dr Gopal Iyengar
Scientist G
Geosciences Dr Vandana Chaudhary
Ocean Sciences & Resources Dr Sandip Mukhopadhyay
PAMC-Ocean Sciences & Resources
Hydrology & Cryosphere Dr Aparna Shukla
PAMC-Hydrology & Cryosphere
Seismology Earthquake Precursor research Dr Arun K Gupta
PAMC-Seismology and Earthquake precursors
Earth System Science Technology Dr Gopal Iyengar
PAMC- Earth System Science Technology
Outreach & Awareness Dr Jagvir Singh
Outreach & Awareness

In addition, a soft copy is required to be sent to the following email address as per the subject area.

Email Details
Subject Area Email Address
Atmospheric Science mahesh[dot]rs[at]gov[dot]in
Geosciences v[dot]chaudhary[at]nic[dot]in
Ocean Sciences & Resources sandip[dot]m[at]gov[dot]in
Hydrology & Cryosphere aparna[dot]shukla[at]
Seismology Earthquake Precursor research gupta[dot]arun[at]nic[dot]in
Earth System Science Technology gopal[dot]iyengar[at]nic[dot]in
Outreach & Awareness jvsingh[dot]moes@khare[at]nic[at]in

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