Partner Agency Areas of Cooperation
Date of Signature
Major accomplishments
Thailand (Africa and
Asia Region).
Co-operation Agreement on the
Regional Integrated Multi-
Hazard Early Warning System
for Africa and Asia Region
February 24, 2011.
RIMES is an international and intergovernmental institution, owned and managed by its Member States, for building capacities in the generation and application of user- relevant early warning information. Currently, 48 countries collaborate under RIMES./div>  
RIMES provide DSS support for IMD in transforming forecast data into user application systems in Agriculture, Water Resources and Public Health and Disaster management etc and thus transforming IMD forecast data into user applications at State/District/community levels.
India’s regional role for providing early warnings for tropical cyclones through IMD and tsunami early warning system through INCOIS for many countries is further enhanced by RIMES. These warnings are integrated into DSS providing user relevant information reduce risks emanating from multiple hazards regardless of origin of risks at community level.
India and RIMES experience will be replicated through sustained institutional mechanism in a cost-effective manner in all RIMES Countries and thus modelled as one of the globally replicable institutional models for enhancing South – South collaboration as well integrating North-South beneficial partnerships.